Here’s Why Popcorn Pops

We came across this interesting and informative article in the November issue of Reader’s Digest, authored by Brandon Specktor.  Please enjoy!


The big bang may still befuddle us, but scientists just took a giant leap toward understanding the smaller (and arguably more important) bang that happens in your microwave. Thanks to a team of French researchers, we now have the most complete picture yet of popcorn’s seed-to-snack transition.

Inside every popcorn kernel’s shell, there’s a tiny droplet of water surrounded by a mesh of mostly starch. At 212 degrees Fahrenheit, the water turns into steam and mixes with the starch to create a hot, doughy mass. Pressure builds in the hull until finally, at 356 degrees, it bursts.

In the next 15th of a second, a lightning-fast circus act occurs: A “leg” of fluffy starch emerges from the fractured hull, kicking it up a few centimeters in a gymnast-like spin. Water vapor bursts from the hull as it does when you uncork a Champagne bottle, emitting that signature popcorn pop. The hull continues to bloom as it flips and cools, finally converting that hot vapor and starch into the popcorn fluff we know and love.

At the end of the show, each inside-out kernel is about twice as large and one eighth as dense as it was pre-pop. Whether you should cover yours in butter or olive oil is a question for another day.



POPtions! Popcorn: The Perfect Graduation Gift!

Trying desperately to come up with a great graduation gift for the high school or college senior in your life? Rather than panicking and picking up something underwhelming or waiting until the last minute and hoping for the best, check out the gourmet gift tins available at POPtions! Popcorn in Saint Louis, MO. We’re a purveyor of gourmet popcorn offers a wide range of fantastic gift tins that are sure to make your graduate smile.

Here’s why gourmet gift baskets from POPtions! are such great presents:

  • Anytime Snack: Popcorn functions as a fabulous “anytime” snack that both delights the palate and satisfies the stomach. Your graduate can enjoy gourmet popcorn as a mid-morning snack or a treat after a long day. Some foods are best for breakfast or dinner only, but not popcorn!
  • Beautiful Packaging: The gourmet gift tins and baskets from POPtions!  are dazzling and may be customized to feature special well wishes and congratulatory messages. They make great keepsakes long after the gourmet popcorn has been enjoyed.Graduation Gift Tins
  • Combination Tins: Combination gift tins allow you to provide the receiver with a variety of tasty treats. Combo tins include timeless options featuring natural, cheddar, and caramel flavors, as well as those for chocolate fanatics and spicy food lovers. There’s even a tin inspired by favorite foods of St. Louis.

Find the perfect gourmet popcorn gift basket you know will be thoroughly appreciated by your special graduate. POPtions! Popcorn creates gift tins for every occasion, as well as bulk gourmet gifts for large groups. Create the perfect tin full of delectable popcorn that’s sure to be a hit at the graduation party.

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POPtions! Popcorn Gourmet Gift Tins Are Perfect For Every Occasion!

Shopping for special occasions, like birthdays, holidays, and anniversary celebrations can seem like an ordeal, because we want to give our loved ones and friends something special. POPtions! Popcorn in St. Louis, MO, offers delicious and interesting gourmet popcorn gift tins and baskets that are sure to make your gift shopping easier than ever.

Why choose popcorn? Popcorn is a versatile food, and nearly everyone loves its classic buttery flavor. POPtions! Popcorn goes beyond your average bowl of popcorn, however—they pair complex flavors like pumpkin spice, molasses bacon, chocolate pecan, and even peppermint with a hint of salt to create a truly gourmet food everyone will enjoy. To see all of their innovative flavor options, visit their menu online.

Looking for something with a holiday theme? Try POPtions! Popcorn’s Holiday CeleBERRYation Popcorn Tin, a blend of caramel popcorn and dried cranberries drizzled with Bissinger’s famous dark chocolate.

POPtions! Popcorn offers tins in 2 gallon and 3.5 gallon sizes, both available in single, two, and three flavor options.  Tins may be customized with holiday and special occasion lid labels, including Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Get Well Soon, and more!  Corporate customers may opt to have their logo on the tin lid at no additional charge.  With so many different options and an array of fun flavors, POPtions! gourmet popcorn is the perfect treat for any special occasion.

Shopping for gifts doesn’t need to be difficult. Choose a delicious gourmet popcorn snack from POPtions! Popcorn for any special occasion. Their sweet, cheesy, savory, spicy and Bissinger’s chocolate topped popcorn are sure to please everyone on your gift list.

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Treat Yourself This Halloween With Gift Tins From POPtions! Popcorn

Fall is in full swing which means Halloween is just around the corner. As you prepare your costumes and decorations, consider treating yourself, your family, and your coworkers to a time-honored American favorite: popcorn! You can find the best popcorn creations in gourmet gift tins from POPtions! Popcorn. As always, the St. Louis-based premium popcorn purveyor offers tasty blends of sweet and salty popcorn-candy mixes that will make anyone’s Halloween extra memorable.

POPtions! Popcorn boasts over 25 different varieties of premium flavored popcorn— with such a wide variety, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect options to make your holiday that much better. Their  tins come in two or three and a half gallon sizes complete with a customized “Happy Halloween” lid. Plus, their premium popcorn is sourced from local Midwest farms and popped and prepared daily to ensure optimal freshness.

Dive into autumn with POPtions! Popcorn’s exciting seasonal flavor combinations. If you’re ready to indulge your sweet tooth, try their limited edition Trick or Treat! tin that features perfectly popped, crunchy caramel popcorn tossed with candy corn and smothered in Bissinger’s milk chocolate. If you’re struggling to decide between savory and sweet premium popcorn, fear not. POPtions! Popcorn also offers a “Pop-Pourri” tin that features Classic Cheddar!, Saigon Cinnamon Sugar!, and their signature “Over The Top” caramel popcorn covered in dark and white Bissinger’s chocolate.

Call POPtions! Popcorn today at (888)649-7677 or visit their website for more information on their holiday gift tins and gourmet gift baskets. Ordering is easy and can even be done online, and shipments are made nation-wide. This year, celebrate Halloween and fall festivities with gourmet popcorn treats.

Football season is finally here! We love this time of year @ POPtions!

FootballIf your a football fan like we are, then you’re happy that the College season has begun, and the NFL starts this week! Whether you’re watching on TV, hosting a party, or tailgating, POPtions! Popcorn is sure to make your get-together a hit!
And if you haven’t seen some of our recent Facebook and Twitter posts, then you missed our “announcement” of the two newest flavors recently launched; Caramel Apple! and Pumpkin Patch!
For those that have visited our store recently, you know that we just launched two new delectable flavors; Caramel Apple! and Pumpkin Patch!

Caramel Apple! features our oh so popular crispy and crunch caramel corn, and we season it with a special blend of spices and flavorings (cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and other “secret” ingredients) to make this delicious flavor!

Pumpkin Patch! features our salty and sweet kettle corn mixed with ginger, nutmeg, clove and cinnamon! If your a fan of pumpkin pie, then we’re sure that you’ll enjoy Pumpkin Patch!

Both of these flavors are now available online as well.
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POPtions Popcorn Wedding Bar “I happened upon an ad in their bridal service magazine and thought it was such a fun idea. They are incredibly reasonably priced. I picked up the popcorn early (rather than having it delivered), on Thursday afternoon and it still was fresh and tasted fabulous on Saturday. My guests raved about it. It’s such a cute and different thing to provide at your wedding rather than a traditional dessert bar! “