Create Fun & Beautiful Memories With a Wedding Popcorn Bar From POPtions! Popcorn


Would you like to serve delicious and creative food at your wedding reception? Consider setting up a gourmet wedding popcorn bar from POPtions! Popcorn in St. Louis, MO. With a grand assortment of POP du JOUR!™ flavors, such as Over The Top Double Chocolate, Vermont Aged White Cheddar, and Oreo Crush, you’ll be sure to delight and inspire your guests. Some couples even skip the wedding cake altogether for this delicious and modern alternative.

POPtions! Popcorn creates captivating popcorn bars and elegant wedding favors to suit any newlywed couple’s taste. This decadent gourmet popcorn can contribute to your special event in many ways, but here are just a few:

  • Create A Memorable Experience: It’s the unique little touches that people remember the most. The married couple and their guests will look back fondly on the wedding reception — they won’t just remember how beautiful it was, they’ll also recall how fun and original the gourmet popcorn bar was.
  • Cater To A Variety Of Tastes: There are so many popcorn flavors available from POPtions! Popcorn that you’ll be able to please everyone’s palates, from discerning adults to sweet-toothed children. Popcorn isn’t just a tasty snack for the movie theater; POPtions! Popcorn transforms it into a truly gourmet experience.
  • Create A Brand New Tradition: Cake is great, but it isn’t for everyone, especially those with certain dietary restrictions. If you’re planning a modern wedding, why not start with the food? POPtions! Popcorn makes a delicious complement to the wedding cake, and can even replace it entirely.

Want to learn more about planning your custom wedding popcorn bar? Simply give the wedding sales department at POPtions! Popcorn a call at (888) 649-7677 or (636) 812-2385. You can also contact them online or pop inside their St. Louis shop during business hours.


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