Bissinger’s Chocolate Flavors are now available again at

fb-chocAvailable250At POPtions!, we pride ourselves in using the best of ingredients. That’s why we selected Bissinger’s as our exclusive chocolatier! At Bissinger’s, tradition and quality are still the most important ingredients in the making of the world’s finest chocolate confections. Bissinger’s has been making fine French confections for more than 400 years and takes pride in the fact that it has not sacrificed quality ingredients, taste or craftsmanship to produce more candy at a lower cost. Even today, in an age of high-tech production and immediacy, Bissinger’s remains committed to the high standards, heritage and traditions that have made the company what it is today.

Now that cool weather is back, we’ve “turned back on” our Bissinger’s Chocolate flavors on our website,  So many of our customers are chocoholaics, so they’re sure to be pleased.  If you’ve never had any of our Bissinger’s flavors, why not order some now?  We’re currently offering six single flavor tins, including our seasonal flavor, Trick or Treat!  Or you can choose our top selling 3 way tin, Chocolate Lovers! which includes Over The Top!, Caramelt Crunch! and Oreo Crush!


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