POPtions! Popcorn Bars are becoming more and more POPular!

Are you planning a birthday party?  Or a Bar Mitzvah or other special occasion? A POPtions party popcorn bar is the perfect complement to your party refreshments. Create a unique POPtions! popcorn bar at your next birthday party, anniversary party, graduation party, holiday party, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, bridal shower or baby shower.

Or are you planning a wedding? Add a POP to your wedding day with a custom wedding popcorn bar or gourmet popcorn wedding favors from POPtions! You’ll love how a custom wedding popcorn display looks, and even more important, tastes. Delight your guests by choosing from our many POP du Jour! flavors to make a popcorn wedding treat customized with your look and feel, creating a flavorful and beautiful element for your reception.

We’re happy to work with you to make that special day memorable and fun!  Lots of delicious flavors to choose from that are sure to please your guests.  Call us at 888-649-7677 or email us at weddings@poptionspopcorn.com and we’ll help you with whatever you need! POPtionsParties

POPtions Popcorn Wedding Bar


One thought on “POPtions! Popcorn Bars are becoming more and more POPular!

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