Football season is finally here! We love this time of year @ POPtions!

FootballIf your a football fan like we are, then you’re happy that the College season has begun, and the NFL starts this week! Whether you’re watching on TV, hosting a party, or tailgating, POPtions! Popcorn is sure to make your get-together a hit!
And if you haven’t seen some of our recent Facebook and Twitter posts, then you missed our “announcement” of the two newest flavors recently launched; Caramel Apple! and Pumpkin Patch!
For those that have visited our store recently, you know that we just launched two new delectable flavors; Caramel Apple! and Pumpkin Patch!

Caramel Apple! features our oh so popular crispy and crunch caramel corn, and we season it with a special blend of spices and flavorings (cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and other “secret” ingredients) to make this delicious flavor!

Pumpkin Patch! features our salty and sweet kettle corn mixed with ginger, nutmeg, clove and cinnamon! If your a fan of pumpkin pie, then we’re sure that you’ll enjoy Pumpkin Patch!

Both of these flavors are now available online as well.
So, please POP in @ POPtions! or visit us online!


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